Plastic Hip: Skills Older Generations Can Learn From The Young

It’s not easy to admit that the younger generation has skills that older people need. Often, middle-aged men and women don’t get the respect they deserve in the workplace. For some reason, employees value youth over skill and experience, and it’s frustrating. The way to bridge the gap is to focus on the areas which put the twenty-somethings in the lead.

Learning new skills is never easy, and the saying reckons you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, here are the hacks that will blow that logic out of the water.


The idea of leaving a position to take up a role with a different firm doesn’t appeal to older employees. Over the years, culture has taught people who you have to be loyal. What do you have if you can’t stick by an employer who has given you an opportunity?

Younger workers will tell you that you don’t have the percentages on your side. Taking up a new job is a fantastic way to earn extra money, open doors, and enjoy work once again. And, don’t prescribe to the theory that you are too old.

People have changed careers in their 60s just before they retire with zero problems.

New Tech

Let’s confront the elephant in the room because it’s very obvious. Modern businesses are technological, and young people have an advantage in this area. They have grown up with the software and understand it, whereas older workers get confused.

Still, it’s not impossible to learn how to the basics of IT support or digital security regardless of age. All you need is a mentor who is a good teacher and can break down complicated terms and theories. Once you have a teacher, the next step is to practice like mad because it makes perfect.

Work/Life Balance

Again, this is a cultural thing because there has been a shift recently. In the past, men and women brought into the idea that a career was everything. Yes, they valued family, too, yet there was never the same emphasis.

Nowadays, modern employees aren’t happy unless they have weekends off and flexible shift patterns. They also want more autonomy in the office and less stress. Their balance between life and work is completely different, and there are lessons to learn.

Not only do these measures help relieve the pressure, but they also bring families closer together. When you are home at five o’clock in the evening for dinner, the kids can see their parents.

Taking Risks

Old corporations used to rely on a hierarchical structure. The bosses ran the company and the employees followed their lead. It couldn’t be any different today with young employees who are willing to break the status quo.

They don’t think twice about questioning methods and making demands, mainly because they have the law on their side. So do older workers, but they are used to doing things ‘by the book’. Watching a colleague invest or quit to follow a dream could the inspiration you need.

By working together, everyone’s career can benefit.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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