The Jobs That Will Still Be Around In 30 Years

Over the past year or so, there have been a lot of articles in the media dedicated to automaten in the workplace. It’s true that the future looks like it will involve robots in the workplace and, as a result, lots of people are worried that these machines will steal our jobs. But is this really going to happen?

Some jobs, such as those that are considered as manual labor like factory work, might be at a risk of being taken by these robots. Thankfully, not every job is going to be grabbed by an automaton. In fact, all of the following careers should still be around in 30 years and will still be done by humans.

If you are thinking about training as a chef, you don’t have to worry about machines taking your jobs. Most head chef positions require skills that are very intricate and delicate, and robots will just not be able to carry them out. For instance, robots won’t have the artistic sense or motor neuron skills to create small and pretty displays on a plate with food. Chefs are very much in demand right now, so this could end up being a very lucrative career for you to go into.

Care Workers

Similarly, robots won’t be able to bring the human touch that is needed in the care industry. Even though robots might help to improve the health service, the elderly will still need to receive care once they hit a certain age. So, humans don’t have to worry about robots stealing their care work. Nurses will be required to visit the elderly in their homes and there will still be a need for care home jobs so that people can get the around the clock care and attention that they need. We’ll certainly still see lots of human care workers in 30 years time!


Robots won’t be able to convey information and ideas as well as we can, so we will still need plenty of human teachers in the teaching system. But robots won’t be completely excluded from the classroom. In fact, even today, there are now lots of schools using state of the art tech in their lessons, such as interactive whiteboards. It’s thought that, in the future, robots will be able to supervise pupils and students and become contemporary babysitters in the classroom whenever the teacher needs to pop out.

Cyber Professionals

Who will look after all the robots? That’s a job for cyber professionals! They will have a slightly altered job role as they will become the ones who are responsible for the machines. Not only that, though, but they will still be needed to protect computer systems from hackers and viruses. Some people think that robots will also need protection from these kinds of cyber crimes as well!

So, if you don’t think that you will still have a job in 30 years time, it could be worth thinking about retraining for one of the ones above. That way, there’s no chance your job will go to a robot!

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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