Is Construction Your Dream Career?

The construction industry is one of the most buoyant employment sectors right now. All you have to do is look around your average city or town center and you will see cranes, hoardings, and scaffolding. Following the most recent financial downturn, capital investment is on the rise and infrastructure projects and regeneration programs are springing up all over the country.

As a construction worker, you could be making a contribution to the latest schools, roads, offices, and shops as a bricklayer, roofer or laborer. You get to shape the way that the world looks and build a legacy for future generations. But what’s in it for you?

Choosing your construction career

There are so many types of career associated with the construction industry you will easily find one that suits your qualifications and skills. Start by doing some research. You may prefer a technical role or a hands-on job may suit you best.

Carry out a simple internet search first. Find out about roofing jobs and look carefully at what you would be doing on a daily basis as well as the skills and qualifications that are needed.  Why not get an insider’s view by talking to a few plumbers, bricklayers and electricians?

There are many entry-level posts available that require little or no experience or qualifications because you can learn on the job. All you need is a willingness to learn be able to work as part of a team.

What’s so great about working in construction?

This is a growth industry so you will not struggle to get a job. Construction workers tend to retire in their fifties because it is a physical job and so there are always vacancies for you to take advantage of. The shortage of skilled workers will drive up wages which is good news for you.

The other way you could earn more is to get promotion and there is plenty of scope for this. You can start off as a school leaver working as a general laborer. Then within a few years, you could move on to become a foreman of your own team, a superintendent of a site and eventually a construction manager handling several projects at once.

You do not need to attend college to get started in this career and so you can avoid a lot of the issues associated with student debt. In construction, it is more likely that you will learn on the job and get paid whilst you study for a vocational qualification.

Construction is one of the few jobs that gives you the freedom to travel. You can move around the country or the world and you will find that your skills are always in demand. You are not tied to one employer or one location.

You can work for an employer if you wish but there is also plenty of scope to become self-employed and start up your own business. You may even get to the stage where other people are working for you!

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.


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