How to be Picky on the Job Hunt


To put it lightly, looking for a job is not the most fun thing in the world. We would like to avoid it at all costs, but unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. Regardless, when it is time to look for a new job, it can be an exciting time. Starting a new career or just switching jobs opens up a whole range of possibilities. But, when you’re looking for a job, how can you be picky and is it really worth it?

Finding the Right Job for You

In our rush to find a new job and get some cash coming in, a lot of us will start sending our CV to anyone who has a one-click application process. If you are being selective, this is definitely a no-go. Sending your CV all over the place will certainly make it more likely that you’ll get a call back, but the chances that it will be from somewhere you want to work isn’t that great.

In this case, being selective to where you apply is definitely worth it. This tactic will help you filter out the noise of the hundreds of other job openings out there, so you can focus on the ones that really interest you most. And, aside from just being interesting jobs, you need to focus on the jobs that you are most suited for.

Being selective in the application process is a must-do, and it will make it just a little bit easier for you to find a job you like, and a job you will succeed at!

Know What You Need to Earn

Most of us would like to make a million a year at our jobs, but tragically, most of us aren’t quite that lucky. When you are applying for jobs, there is no point in applying to jobs that aren’t anywhere near your required salary range. Good negotiation skills can get you a little wiggle room, but it’s important to be realistic.

If you find an amazing job that you would love to have, but the pay isn’t quite what you are after, it might be worth it to apply anyway. However, if you are just applying for a job and hoping you will be able to negotiate your way into the paycheck you want, you may be wasting your time.

This practice is very valuable in the job search, and it will pay off to be picky. There’s no need to put in all that effort to a job that won’t pay what you need, when you could be focusing on applying for one that will!

Know Where You Want to Live

Some of us want to live in a big city, some of us want to live by the beach, and others want to be close to their families. Whatever your situation is, where you’re working is just as important as what you’re working on. It can be tough to find the right job, for the right salary, at the right location, but it is possible. This is another area where being picky pays off.

If you wind up at an interesting job in a location that doesn’t suit you, your likelihood of success is low. No one wants that! So, when looking for a job, don’t overlook the importance of location!


No one needs to tell you, getting a job is tough! No matter how good the economy is doing, it takes a lot of work to get the right position. But, don’t give up. It can pay off being picky, because it might save you a lot of time and energy. Make sure to keep in mind the important details of a job, like salary and location, and only apply to jobs that truly suit you as an employee. Even if you’re picky, you can find a great job!

Michelle Arios works as Marketing Assistant for– a New Zealand business database

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