If You’re Good With Numbers These Jobs Could Be For You

Finding a job can be tough, extremely tough in fact. But when you go for something you have a passion for, then you seen to always do better, this is because your passion for the subject comes through at interview and they can really see how much you care. You should be happy in the job you find, otherwise, what’s the point? So, if you’re good with numbers, here are a few job’s you could enjoy.


If you’re good with numbers you’ve probably thought about this job before, but have you thought about the depths of accountancy? There are all different kinds of accountants, from the ones operating in the public and private sectors, business accountants, auditors, the list goes on.the-future-of-accountancy

They can even work for themselves and go freelance, the opportunities are innumerable. One of your best bets would be to seek out a business accounting faculty and get a relevant degree or qualification in the sector you want to operate within.

Teach Maths

If you enjoy numbers and mathematical equations then you can teach it. It’s a rewarding job, and if you enjoy the company of children then you can really enjoy your job. Seeing people work with numbers and figure out problems and grow can be fun. The wage isn’t as good as a practicing accountant but you still get a fairly decent one for a standard maths degree and teaching qualification.

Market Research

These days market research is all done with numbers and stats. People who are good with numbers make great market researchers and considering the majority of top businesses have market research departments it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your foot in the door. You’ll likely gather collected data and then practice critical analyses to influence outcomes. Problem solving skills are a must, and you’ll be using your mathematical nouce to get to the bottom of the key statistical demographics.

Tax Specialist

Slightly similar to accountancy but still different, tax specialists specialise in the payment of tax. These jobs can either be public sector, where you help the government with its taxation issues helping clients pay the correct amount of tax. Or, working for private firms where you advise businesses and banking firms on how to pay their tax in the most efficient of ways. You can get a job usually with the public sector in the first instant before going private for more cash later on.


If you work for a business’s logistics department, as a logistician, you’ll be responsible for their transportation, production, distribution and overall supply. You’ll likely be working with complicated software that helps manage all of the various aspects to a businesses logistics. Usually businesses hire logisticians when they realise they have grown and need to expand, but don’t necessarily have the infrastructure to do so. It’s a great job and can involve a lot of travelling, the pressure is on however, because if any of the areas fail and the business suffers, the buck stops with you. So if you don’t mind key responsibility, this job could be for you.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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