Become A Master Of Business To Improve Your Career Prospects

Have you ever considered taking a master’s degree in business to improve your career prospects? It can help you stand out from the competition, and is a qualification that many business leaders admire. So, whatever industry you are working in, a master’s degree is a valuable tool to combine with work experience. Here’s everything you need to know.

Why a master’s degree in business?

Business degrees are one of the most versatile qualifications you can achieve. Business skills are transferable across every industry, and it’s a sound choice if you are unsure where you want to end up. It also demonstrates a commitment to a career – master’s degrees are demanding, cost money, and take a lot of determination to pass.5808635811_2d76d62249_n

It’s for these reasons that business leaders look at anyone with a master’s as someone who means business.

Do I need a degree?

In usual circumstances, you will need a graduate degree in a business subject if you want to specialize with a master’s. However, if you have no qualifications, it is still possible to find a course that suits your needs. You will need experience – up to five years – and you will also need to demonstrate your skills. Many universities and course leaders need you to take a GMAT examination before considering you for a master’s degree. So, it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with books on GMAT prep so that you know what you’re up against. Many people go straight from a graduate degree to a master’s – but it isn’t the only route.

How much does it cost?

Master’s degrees tend to cost a fair amount of money, but course fees vary depending on the university or college you use. However, some employers will sponsor you and pay for your course fees. Offers such as this usually mean you will need to carry on working for the company for a couple of years after you qualify. But, this will also give you valuable on-the-job experience while doing your course, too.

Can I specialize in a particular subject?

You can do general business courses, of course. But, you can also do a master’s in one of the FAME subjects – finance, accounting, management, and economics. All are grouped together as business degrees and can do your job prospects a real boost.

What can I expect?

Master’s degrees in business are intense – and you will have to push yourself harder than you did at university. If you are going in straight from a working environment, it might be worth doing a basic study skills course, first. It can also be tough to achieve your best if you are working full-time – your study will take up a considerable amount of time. Your best chance of success is to attend every workshop and study session and get used to asking questions of your tutors. It’s the best way of learning – and the pace is fast, so if you miss a class, you may miss out on an entire section of the course.

OK, so there you have it – think you can handle a business master’s degree? Let me know about your experiences in the comments section below.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it contains affiliate links.

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