How to deal with the stress of unemployment

Make no mistake about it, losing a job and facing up to unemployment can be hugely stressful. It can lead to you losing your professional identity, confidence, routine and your sense of purpose. Not to mention the loss of money and the feeling you are letting down your loved ones. However, there are several ways to deal with the many stresses you could experience. Let’s take a look at some of those now.

stress of UE pix

Talk about it

There are plenty of reasons you might want to bottle up your feelings after you have lost your job. Perhaps you feel ashamed that you can’t provide for your family, or maybe you are struggling to come to terms with your current reality. The trouble is, when you keep everything inside, you run the risk of developing anxiety issues and depression. In a worst-case scenario, you could even suffer from suicidal thoughts. So, try and talk about how you are feeling with your family, friends, and even your therapist. It will help get everything out in the open, and give people a heads up if you are struggling.

Keep your head up

One of the most important aspects of being unemployed is to keep your head up and try and stay confident. It’s going to be tough, and there will be more difficult times ahead. But, the less confident you feel, the fewer jobs you will apply for and the fewer interviewers you will impress. Try and keep in mind all the things you have achieved in the past, no matter how small you think you are. You might not be able to dine out on your past successes, but they can certainly help your frame of mind.

Stay in touch

It’s a good idea to keep networking – even if you think that your career in a particular industry is over. Why? Well, the vast majority of job offers are made through word of mouth, and you never know what might turn up. A chance meeting here, a business networking there, even a talk in your local bar could lead to job opportunities. Try it out – it really could make a difference to your prospects.

Train up

If you have lost your job, you are going to have more time on your hands. So, why not fill that time by learning new skills? For example, let’s say that you have been in a manufacturing job at a relatively low level. You could go and do injection molding classes to give you an extra chance of getting another job in a similar industry. Combined with your previous experience, it might help give you the edge over the competition. Yes, it will cost you money – but if you have savings put aside, you should see it as an investment.

Maintain your balance

Finally, make sure that you still having some free time to do the things that you love. You might find that your hours are quickly filled with job applications and searching through ads in the paper. But, it’s important to keep your life balance intact. It will help you feel more normal, and spending quality time with your family might make you realise that work isn’t everything.

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