A Special Christmas Gift to You: Buy ABJH Now with Free Shipping

Always Be Job Hunting wanted to be part of this year’s Cyber Monday online shopping frenzy, so it offered a special deal for the first 25 purchase responses that day.

If you missed that deal, here’s good news for you. Response was so overwhelming, we’re offering it again today.

Fill out the form below and send to me, the book’s author,

requesting to buy the book and I’ll autograph it with a message to you or whoever you designate, plus I will waive the normal $3.80 shipping cost in the continental U.S. International shipping rates, as well as shipping rates to Alaska and Hawaii still apply. Payment via PayPal is preferred.

Twenty-five books are available, so if orders come in for multiple copies, they’ll be filed up to 25 books for the day. The offer is for paperback copies only, Kindle copies are available through Amazon.com. Amazon also may have some special deals you may want to consider while also buying the book there.

“Always Be Job Hunting.”

So hurry to take advantage of this fantastic offer, either for yourself, or for those you know who are job hunting. The book has lessons, based on my personal experiences, for all career stages, from finding a first job, to mid-career switches, to the challenges of working at home, to age issues faced by older workers like myself. I’ve experienced it all and learned from it all, finding jobs in any economy and reinventing myself in a new career. What better gift for the job hunters in your life?
John N. Frank

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