ABJH Excerpt: Joining the Work-at-Home Movement

Today, we continue to run excerpts from my new book, Always Be Job Hunting to give you the flavor of the book and encourage you to check it out on Amazon.com

The early 1990s were simultaneously a time of job-hopping gone wild and the slow death of my marriage. The two were related, I’m sure. The less happy I felt at home, the more I looked to work to supply enjoyment and people I wanted to be around and to talk with each day. When you start your day trying to find a reason to get up each morning and then you dread going home each night from your office, your work can take on way too large a role in your life. No job can truly compensate for a miserable home life.

I left the Merc for a trade magazine that covered the meat, poultry and seafood businesses. As it turned out, my first magazine editor from my savings and loan days was consulting for the publication. He had been tasked with finding a new editor for the magazine and so he’d run an ad in the Chicago Tribune (newspaper want ads seem quaint now, don’t they?) to find a new editor and I answered the ad during one of those 375 days I spent at the Merc. While executive search experts these days say you can’t find a new job from ads, I have found several that way, even recently. The ads are online now, on career-specific sites. I still advise checking ads frequently when you’re job hunting.

Intrigued? Read more by buying the book on Amazon.com in either paperback or Kindle editions.

John N. Frank

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