Sick Of Working 9-5? Run Your Business Remotely!

If you are sick of the 9-5 commute, perhaps you could run your business entirely online! The internet has opened up the opportunity to run a successful business from your laptop.

If you have wifi connection you could in theory work and run your business from anywhere in the world. If this sounds a little lonely, think again as you will be able to connect with people on a global basis. You won’t have to be a “one man band” either as you could employ freelancers to complete some of the essential tasks.

Imagine not having to commute to and from the office twice a day, you won’t have the expenditure associated with employing staff and you won’t have monthly bills associated with renting premises.

Of course running a business entirely online is not without pitfalls and this article aims to show you how to avoid them.

Excellent cyber security

All business are vulnerable to cyber attacks and if your business is run entirely online you are even more susceptible. Your laptop needs to be suitable for purpose with top of the range cyber security installed. This may require a little financial investment. But this would be returned tenfold.

As a small business it is essential to protect yourself from a data breach. This occurs when personal data is stolen or divulged in a way which could be damaging to individuals. There are many laws and regulations related to the storage of data and if you don’t meet the regulations you could incur steep fines.

It is important to protect your business from fraud attempts and you should consider implementing an identity verification service such as Jumio, which will ensure a successful verification process for documentation and identity.  


It is not necessary to complete all essential tasks yourself and it would be impossible to do so as there isn’t enough time in the day! Consider outsourcing certain tasks to freelancers, which will free up time for generating sales and leads. There are certain tasks which naturally lend themselves to being outsourced and these include accounts, book keeping, social media management, SEO, website content and paperwork.

Make sure you seek references for potential freelancers and look at previous work. Communicate carefully to ensure the freelancer knows exactly what the task in hand entails.

Effective communication

One of the pitfalls of working remotely is the little time you meet people in person. To counteract any problems associated with misinterpretation of instructions you must have effective communication systems in place. Always follow up verbal instruction with an email and check back with people regularly to ensure people stay on track. When you get the chance to meet in person, do it! This will enable you to stay in control and stop people going off on a tangent due to not fully understanding the task.

Running a business remotely has many benefits, but requires a lot of initial input. To make sure you business continues to run effectively communication is key!

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links


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