6 Reasons You Should Learn How To Code Today

Have you ever thought about learning to code? To newbies, this may seem really difficult, and even scary. However, it’s actually not what it seems, and learning to code could greatly safeguard you for the future. You could create a ton of opportunities for yourself by learning this skill!

Here are 6 reasons you should learn how to code today if you’re still not convinced it’s for you:

Safeguard Yourself For The Future

Coding is a skill that can help you to seriously safeguard yourself for the future. At the end of the day, nobody knows what the future holds, and many positions are already being replaced by robots.

By learning to code, you can safeguard yourself for the foreseeable future and give yourself some wonderful opportunities in the meantime. With coding to fall back on, you can have peace of mind.

It’s Not As Difficult As It First Seems

Coding may sound difficult at first, but many people will tell you that it’s not as tough as it first seems. You can get into coding bootcamps without any prior experience, and by the time they are finished (in around 12 weeks) you’ll be a coding expert.

Learning code is fast paced but fun, so you’re bound to get into it and build up momentum.

You Can Work In-house Or On Your Own

There aren’t many skills you can use that allow you to work in-house for a company, or go it alone. You can do whatever you like, or try out both to see what suits you. People are crying out for those with great coding skills, as there’s such a shortage of amazing coders.

By making sure you’re one of the best, you can enjoy all kinds of opportunities.

So Much More Freedom

If you do choose to go freelance, you’ll have so much more freedom. This could be freedom to travel, to create your own schedule, and even to split your work up throughout the week. Nine to five jobs are dying out, and learning to code will help you to get used to it.  

You Have The Potential To Earn Good Money

There’s all kinds of potential to earn good money when you learn to code. Many beginner coding salaries start on $30,000 which increase as you build your experience. As you learn more languages and different things, you will earn even more money. Many senior developers are on $65,000 and upwards.

You’ll Never Get Bored, As The Learning Doesn’t Stop

Learning code is something you do continuously if you want to be good at it. This means you can’t ever get bored, as there’s always something new and exciting to learn and master. Coding isn’t a monotonous job. It’s a job that forces you to think critically and actually use your brain. It’s perfect for those who love a challenge!

There you have it; 6 reasons you should learn how to code today. By learning this skill, you’re doing your future self a huge favor!

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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