Planning? It’s How You’ll Get Your Next Job

There’s a lot to be said for the benefits of planning. Looking ahead and studying the paths before you can ensure you make educating decisions in regards to any choice you must make in your life. Planning ahead can also prepare us for certain situations. Situations like a job interview.

Unless you are super lucky or a benefactor from nepotism (and even if you are) you’ll be subjected to not one, but many interviews to secure a job or role throughout your working career. Just in case you don’t know, a job interview is usually the final stage of an application process.

You apply for a job using your resume or an application form and if you meet the company’s standards, you’ll be invited in for a job interview along with other candidates. Some interviews take place in a group, other are a one-to-one affair.

Either way, the same rules will usually apply and there will always be the outcome. One person will get the job off the back off a successful interview while the other candidates get a rejection letter. If you get rejected, does that mean you have failed? Not at all – you just weren’t a good fit. It is nothing personal. Try to ask for feedback and see what you can improve on next time.

However, there are ways where you can give yourself the best chance for success. The best method? It is by planning ahead. To succeed at a job interview, you need to plan and plan well.

Ideally, you’ll be given time – but some job interviews can happen as soon as the day after a successful application. No matter the time span between right now and your interview, you need to fit some planning into your spare time. No amount of planning will be too much planning here!

What can you plan? Well – for starters where is the interview location. Where in the world is the interview taking place? Will you need to sort out travel? How much will a train or bus cost if you haven’t got a car? Is it that far away that you’ll have to stop in a hotel or book furnished apartments or a hotel for the night?

If your interview is quite far away in terms of distance, sorting out travel and accommodation in advance of your departure can save you a lot of stress. It is also important to think about what you are going to wear to an interview. Different clothes are for different occasions and some companies prefer suits while others like smart casual.

No matter what, if you’re doubting your fashion choices for the interview, dress smart. A golden rule for when you are unsure!

Sorting out the small details – travel and clothes mean you can plan your interview. Prepare for questions, bring evidence to support your claims, prepare some questions. Plan ahead and do your research and you’ll give yourself the best chance of success. Planning well will be exactly how you get your next job!

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