Unlocking A More Productive You For The Good Of Your Career

Finding the right career is a hard task. Finding a career that is our dream is even harder. As the title of this website says, you should always be on the job hunt and being proactive about climbing up your career ladder.

You can do this by building skills which could be anything from cash handling to team management skills. This allows you to beef up your resume with some seriously impressive items that any employer would be excited at.

Some key skills aren’t exactly clear though. Sometimes you can’t judge how good an employee is at these values. For example simply saying you have team management expertise could look great at face value, but when push comes to shove, are you a good team leader?

It could be better to find tangible skills that show a real human being, instead of business lingo that can be proven to be false. What’s better than going to a job interview and proving you can effectively use time, can organize well and are on top of productivity? Not much. These are skills you can prove time and time again. The first step is to unlock your productivity right now, though.

If you use technology right, your working life is going to become a lot easier. If you’ve got the smarts, you could even develop coding and macros to automate most of your administration tasks! Even then, tech can do a lot. There are apps like Wunderlist which can function as basic to-do lists and most operating systems and smartphones have productivity tools like calendars and reminders built right in. Gmail also works well with Google’s Android phones as your emails are scanned by the phone and meetings are ripped from the email and planted into your to-do list, with directions included. It’s almost impossible not to be on top of your work.

Make sure you are prioritizing your tasks as well. Some work can come in at the last minute that is of crucial importance. Do the most important tasks first and don’t let the wave of work flood you.


Time management is another kettle of fish. You can be as organized as you please, but if you do not factor time into your organization equations, problems are going to arise. Believe it or not, but there is a finite amount of time in a working day. You need to maximize your usage of the time you have available and as said above, prioritize your tasks. Always keep an eye on the big picture when managing time, and don’t let the ticking of the clock escape you. There should be no reason for you to forget important meetings in this day and age. Make sure you have the time available to fulfill your duties.

Mark it down, being a productive employee will see you succeed in almost any role across the planet. If you’re messy and unorganized, failure will come to your door on a repeat subscription. Change your habits and become a more productive person today for a fulfilling career.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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