Tips for finding that first job

Looking for a first job ever can be frightening. And having gone to multiple job interviews what a relief it is to finally get offered a position. It can be a big mistake though to accept the first job offer without thinking everything through. Lots of aspects need to be considered.
Let’s start with your supervisor. Will he or she encourage you and point you in the right direction? Or it’ll be a control freak, watching your each and every step?

At the start of any career opportunity to learn is vital. When else to learn if not at your first job? If dull mechanic work is all that you’ll be doing at this company, then forget about this position, even if it offers a great social package and high salary.

Beware the positions where you won’t be using your skills and talents. Rather than that, look only for the jobs where your talents can develop even further.

The office culture is something you cannot ignore either. If you like wearing comfortable jeans and sneakers and the company has a strict dress code where a tie will be your everyday accessory and a careless haircut will be looked at contemptuously, maybe you should be considering another job opportunity.

The infographic below, put together by Pat Delorean from, shows some of the most important things you should dwell on before accepting a job offer. Take a look at them to get ready for your job search.”

whattolookforin1stjob (1)

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