How I Got My First Real Job

I wouldn’t advise only trying to catch on with one potential employer as this person did but it is nice to see that her persistence paid off. I’d say be persistent overall in job hunting.

Many Cups of Coffee

Starting out in a field anywhere is pretty difficult, especially these days. The economy is working its way out of recession, which means any world saving job particularly in the non-profit sector, is really strapped for money. Also, there is a large pool of candidates for most jobs.

My first experience with this came after I decided that I must work for this particular non-profit organization right after college. I had spent a few weeks traveling in Costa Rica and went right into job hunting (after my part time job) when I returned.

I applied for any position this organization had listed, thinking that they would at least see my name. I can’t even tell you how many positions I applied to. Finally, I was called for a counseling position interview. So I went in for my first interview.

I answered all of my questions enthusiastically, explained that this is…

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