Job Opening – New York City

I’ve become a bit backed up in posting all the openings I’ve seen lately, apologies. Here’s a reporter job in New York City to consider that is listed on LinkedIn:

Business Reporter

Reorg Research, Inc. – Greater New York City Area

Job Description

This is an opportunity for an enterprising reporter to get in on the ground floor of a financial news startup already with a large following and unique position within the marketplace. Reorg Research focuses on the increasingly hot news arena of corporate debt and restructuring. The successful candidate will work alongside a mix of plugged in business and journalism professionals with years of experience reporting and working on Wall Street. We’re looking for a dogged reporter with proven skills through either formal journalism training or comparable experience. A working knowledge of corporate finance is a plus.



Most of the work will involve hitting the phone to develop and maintain relationships with professionals across various business disciplines. This includes a lot of cold-calling and on-the-spot learning of many different industries to the extent it impacts the debt backing various companies. It will also entail frequent trips to court to sit in and report real-time on contentious and dramatic bankruptcy proceedings.

Yes, you’ll need to break news and file multiple updates per day involving minute changes in developing stories, but you’ll also be given a large degree of editorial freedom to conceive and produce longer, more comprehensive pieces. While scoops and proprietary info are the first priority, we also need someone whose moral compass is intact, someone who can act as an arbiter of these often times opaque markets where there may be questionable business ethics. Such items are far too frequently overlooked by general news outlets that just don’t delve in as deeply as we will, and we feel it will be a responsibility to shed light on those scenarios. So if you’re someone who’s looking to pen the occasional hard-hitting exposé, this would be a great fit.

This is a full-time salaried position with benefits and definite room for advancement as the company

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