Job Opening — Columbus, Ohio

This posting came to me from a college alumni listserv I belong to. Good luck and good hunting and remember, Always Be Job Hunting.

Position Opening: Reporter/Producer – Statehouse News Bureau

Job Posted: February 8, 2013

Application Deadline: February 22, 2013

Wanted: journalist with a passion for political reporting, public broadcasting and producing compelling work to become the third member of our award-winning Statehouse News Bureau.

As part of our team, you’ll be based in the historic Ohio Statehouse, covering our high-profile governor and an active and sometimes controversial legislature. And you’ll follow state and national politics from the key swing state in every major election for the last decade. You’ll be based in Columbus in central Ohio.

January is job hunting season.

January is job hunting season.

Our Statehouse Reporters cover all three branches of state government, along with elections, education, the economy and other issues of statewide interest. Reporters write and produce long-form features and short spots for Ohio’s public radio stations, along with occasional series, documentaries and investigative reports. They also help produce “The State of Ohio”, the Bureau’s weekly TV talk show, and make regular appearances on programs aired on radio and television statewide.

2. Essential duties and responsibilities:

Under the supervision of the Statehouse Bureau Chief:

Gather information about events through research, interviews, experience and attendance at political, news, sports, cultural, social and other functions.
Investigate breaking news, writes scripts, often under tight deadlines, initiates and develops short-term news reports and in-depth enterprise stories, as well as spots for newscasts.
Present live or recorded commentary via broadcast or other media. Conduct live-air interviews.
Perform creative enterprise: determine a story’s length, emphasis, perspective and format and organize material accordingly. Determine program content and treatment.
Participate in editorial meetings, identify and generate story ideas and/or direct same.
Gather edit and mix audio and video, and voice reports for all platforms.
Organize and maintain journalistic data and files
Establish and maintain effective news sources and community contacts.
Perform Producer duties such as:

  • Plan, organize and produce stories and interviews and production elements on multiple platforms. May include pitching story, segment and show ideas and proposals, researching, field producing, production design, and budgeting.
  • May determine program content and treatment.
  • Direct and/or perform the gathering, editing and mixing of audio and /or video using digital recording and editing equipment.
  • May operate on-air and production equipment
  • May gather and deliver material for web use.
  • May include directing and coaching host/reporter performance.
  •  Participate in on-air fundraising as needed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
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