“Always Be Job Hunting” Has a Finalized Design

I signed off this week on a final interior design for Always Be Job Hunting. I’ve scanned in the first page of chapter one and the table of contents for you to see here.

The first page of chapter one of "Always Be Job Hunting."

It should now take about two weeks before I receive the entire manuscript laid out and ready for a final proofing. I’d hoped to have it ready by early May but that seems out of the question now, I’m amazed at how long each step is taking, I would have thought Amazon could move things along a bit faster than this.

Despite the delays, I plan to begin writing college placement offices offering myself as a speaker on job hunting to graduating seniors and others. If anyone in the Chicago area is associated with a school or organization that addresses the job hunting topic, drop me a line about possibly addressing your group in the near future.

The table of contents of "Always Be Job Hunting."

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