“Always Be Job Hunting” is in Production

I uploaded the text and photos for Always Be Job Hunting this past weekend to Amazon. Amazon needs between six and eight weeks before the book is available through Amazon.com. I was still editing until the last minute, making sure the lessons listed at the end of each chapter provide valuable advice for anyone looking for a job, no matter at what stage of their careers.

A draft of the cover design for "Always Be Job Hunting."

In addition to being able to order a paperback version of Always Be Job Hunting, you’ll also be able to download an e-version to your Kindle reader or any device that has the Kindle reader app, as I understand it. Once the book is out, I’ll also be scheduling speaking engagements at colleges in the Chicago area to discuss job hunting with this year’s crop of new graduates. Hopefully the economy is picking up a bit for them so they won’t have as hard a time finding that first job as grads did in recent years.

If you belong to a career support group or other organization that you think would benefit from hearing what I have to say about job hunting and career development, please drop me a line at John_N_Frank@yahoo.com.

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