“Always Be Job Hunting” is One Step Closer to Publishing

It’s almost midnight Monday and I’ve just finished sending in style changes for a mock-up of the first chapter of Always Be Job Hunting, my new book that gives you lessons for finding your next job based on my 35-plus years of experiences in finding jobs.

I’ll paste in the mock-up of the title page here, click on the link below; I don’t like the typeface the publisher has chosen and so am asking for changes, so this is a collector’s item already.

A draft of the cover design for "Always Be Job Hunting."

Also pasted here is PDF mockup of the first spread, which includes some run-over from the table of contents that needs to be removed, and the first page of Chapter 1.title page

Kudos to anyone who knows what the picture is. I’ll give you a hint, it’s in the Chicago area somewhere and it has to do with one of my early jobs.opening

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