Jobs On The Open Road: The Careers To Consider

Working in an office sometimes just doesn’t appeal, does it? Being chained to a desk it seems, slaving over a keyboard, and feeling like you are being timed for those toilet and coffee breaks. While this may sound like the extreme, and possibly not even realistic, it can be what people really feel about working in an office or doing that type of role. However, if you prefer to be out and about, talking to people and travelling, then a job on the open road could be the direction to go. I wanted to share with you some of the career options you could consider.

Working as a field sales representative

Sales doesn’t always mean sitting at a desk with a phone to your ear all day, it can actually mean jumping in your car, meeting people in their workplace and getting a real feel for the industry and your potential clients business. Does that sound like a good career for you? Then a career as a field sales representative could be the ideal choice to make. It gives you the flexibility of seeing customers, communicating, while still needing to keep up the sales side of your job. It sometimes means having a desk base, or an office to go to, but you are certainly not sat at it day in day out.

Delivery driver for big courier companies

Maybe you just like the idea of being self-employed, and if you have a van then you can easily get setup with a contract with some of the biggest courier companies around. Often, it may be worth having cheap van insurance to go with it, to keep your overheads and costs down, but this can be quite a lucrative career to be in. There is certainly money to be made and many van drivers get flexibility on their time and the hours they do, meaning it could be a change of lifestyle pace as well as a career.

Becoming a truck driver or driving long distance

Driving a truck, or delivery long distance, can be seen as a lonely career route to take, but because of this, you can be paid handsomely and get a decent amount of time off as well. It may seem very straight forward, but driving long distance especially in heavy trucks, can mean you have weather and road conditions to consider as well as how long it takes. As a truck driver, you are also required by law to take regular breaks.

Driving a bus or coach for a living

Driving for a living could easily mean just changing the type of vehicle you drive regularly. For example, driving a bus or a coach instead. This can be a great career move if you prefer a change of scenery and a chance to talk to people daily.

An ambulance driver or rapid response vehicle

Finally, you may want to think about a career as an ambulance driver or rapid response vehicle unit. While this isn’t specifically a driving job as such, it does involve you being out on the road and also providing aid where needed.

I hope that this has given you some food for thought.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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