Manufacturing Careers: Five Skills To Totally Rock It

Wasn’t there a time that a career in some form of manufacturing industry required a good pair of hands, a hard-working work ethic and a determination to succeed was good enough, however, a manufacturing career is so much more than that these days. There has been a recent transition where it no longer requires you to just be on the assembly-line but a manufacturing career can progress into management and technological elements. So there is now more skills needed for this sort of industry job, but actually, it can make this line of work far more exciting to be part of. So I wanted to share with you five of the skills to help you totally rock a manufacturing career.

Attention to detail

Having a skill of being able to pay attention to detail was vital in the older days of manufacturing but is still just as important today than it ever has been. While some technology has taken over what many hands used to do, it is still vital that you are able to be particular attention to the detail of the applications as well as your own workload. With speed and precision being important factors as well. When operating heavy machinery, it’s also important to pay attention to what you are doing as failing to do so could spell danger. 

A mind that can often think outside of the box

There is a real conscious effort being made to make companies more energy efficient, and a skill in which you can think of alternative ways to do this such as taking on an online course in lean manufacturing could mean you have the knowledge and the know-how to really steer the manufacturing job and the company you work for in the right direction.

Strong communication skills

Let’s face it, strong communication skills is going to serve you well, no matter what career or industry you end up working in, but in manufacturing, if you can communicate with all team members and personnel adequately, then you are on to a good thing. Manufacturing employers want people to be able to work well with co-workers, communicating in all kinds of ways especially when it comes to troubleshooting problems and resolving them quickly and efficiently.

An interest and aptitude in technology

Technology is constantly evolving, and there is no escaping the fact that the manufacturing industry is heading in a way where more and more technology is involved in the way things are made and handled. Demonstrating an interest in technology and having a desire to learn more about it could be a key skill and attribute for the ever evolving manufacturing industry and career choice.


Finally, dependability is a key skill, and while it isn’t something that is necessarily learnt and happens to be more towards your work ethic, it is vitally important within a manufacturing environment. Often, this sort of job requires someone to be in or to have had adequate notice to have a position covered so that the operational side of the business remain just that, operational.

I hope that this has given you more of an insight into the skills needed to have a successful career in manufacturing.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.   

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