5 Reasons The Career Ladder Is A Slippery Slope

Starting at the bottom is a means to an end. Within a reasonable amount of time, an ambitious employee wants to be a manager. Then, he or she wants to be a director. And, finally, he or she wants to be on the board. Does this career path sound familiar? It should because the majority of employees wish to a secure a managerial position. The thing is you may see the pros without understanding the cons.

These are five reasons being a boss isn’t ideal.

You Have No Friends

It’s not a damning indictment of your social life but a simple observation of the workplace. Clichéd or not, bosses can’t be friends with their employees because it impacts the job. A person has to be firm and fair and not let personal relationships get in the way. Sadly, being a boss can be a lonely place when the office or Christmas party rolls around. It gets even more isolated when you make a decision which displeases the office. As always, the company comes before the personnel.

You Have To Fire People

“Sorry, but we’re going to have to let you go” is a sentence which bosses say regularly. Firing someone is difficult, and lots of managers hate it so much they relinquish the power. Looking into a person’s eyes and telling them to collect their belongings takes a special kind of determination. Not letting it affect the rest of the year takes even more.

You’re Not Bulletproof

Just because you sit at the top of the tree doesn’t mean your position is guaranteed. For one thing, there is always a boss with more power who is more important. Even CEOs have to deal with board members. Secondly, the government may target you personally according to ndandp.co.uk. A governmental or local authority employee can disqualify directors for fifteen years. If this happens, the chances of managing another company are low. Believe it or not, being management material could ruin your career.

You’re The Man/Woman

Being the person in charge sounds great when you don’t have any responsibilities. But, that soon changes. One thing promotion candidates don’t remember is that the buck stops with them. Yes, you are in charge, which means every failure comes back to your door. An employee may make a huge error, but you should manage him or her better. A marketing strategy may not go to plan, yet you should have seen it coming. Managers have an impossible job on their hands.

You’re Stressed

With responsibility, there is stress. Not the kind which employees feel because that is child’s play. The stress bosses experience is the kind which keeps them up at night. It encompasses their mind from morning to evening and never goes away. Frankly, squaredawayblog.bc.edu says it’s a killer which often leads to early retirement. There is no time to stop, which means there’s no time to relax and recharge.

The money is excellent and so is the power, but are they worth your health and a toxic atmosphere? You have to decide.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.


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