Systems to Keep You Moving up in Your Career

Everyone wants to find themselves in a position where they’re moving effortlessly up the ladder of progression in their chosen career, whether that means getting promoted to upper management or landing a great new client contract. Just be careful if your job literally includes a ladder and contact a company like

But what’s the most reliable way to ensure that we keep moving from strength to strength in our careers? A good set of KPIs? SMART targets?

Actually, there’s a good argument to be made that the correct answer is “systems”. While a goal or a target is something that you know you want, work towards, and try to achieve by a certain deadline, a system is essentially a habit or routine that you utilize every day, regardless of external constraints.

With the right systems you can make continuous progress without the stress of obsessing overly much over goals.

Here are some great systems that can help you move up in your career.

Your job is to find a better job

The first system on this list involves a mindset shift, and was mentioned by the cartoonist Scott Adams in his autobiography “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big”.

It involves not viewing the day-to-day work you’re required to perform for your job as your “real job”, but instead as a series of tasks you’re obliged to perform. Your “real” job is to find a better job.

By keeping your perspective aligned this way, you’ll be constantly scanning job boards, seeking opportunities for promotion, and consciously or subconsciously directing your focus towards improving your position.

Always have a passion project on the go

Having a passion project — a hobby or part-time hustle that you’re emotionally invested in and enjoy deeply — is not just a fun way of spending your free time. It can actually have a tremendously positive impact on your career prospects.

If your side hustle succeeds and becomes lucrative in its own right, you’ll find yourself making a living doing what you love, which is one of the highest career aspirations any reasonable person could have.

Even if it isn’t an instant money spinner, however, simply investing yourself in a given project will expand your horizons, teach you new skills, and improve your morale.

All of these things, needless to say, contribute to better professional prospects down the line.

Use the “2-minute rule”

The 2-minute rule (not to be mistaken with the 3-second rule) is a productivity hack popular with executives and junior business people alike. Essentially, the rule states that whenever a new task presents itself to you, you should do it on the spot if it will take roughly 2 minutes to complete.

This includes responding to urgent emails, among other things.

The genius of this system is that it involves automatically resolving those small tasks which have a way of draining our attention and focus, leaving us the mental space and energy to deal with more substantial issues as they should be dealt with.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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