Job Roles Which Will Leave A Lasting Difference

The career market is a fun one. Not only are there many different roles available you can train and become a part of, but the division of labor allows someone experience multiple different job roles during the course of their lifetime.

Once, the job roles were either ‘hunter’ or ‘gatherer,’ but in our complex and incredible societies, there are so many different disciplines for us to choose that we often have complete freedom.

Of course, qualifications and experience are often a factor, but with the right tenacity and dedication, almost everything can be achieved.

Some people are motivated to work hard so they can enter a career which offers them the opportunity to make a lasting difference in the world. We’d like to explore job roles which allow you to do this without question, and in a way that’s intrinsically satisfying.

If you’re looking for inspiration, or are figuring out your options for your career or switching to a new one, the following headings could help you.


Construction workers are often seen as salt of the earth men and women and for good reason. The job role and function they provide has intrinsic and amazing use for our society.

From developing huge and safe highway infrastructure through global firms like Cintra, to developing homes to help the population stay safe in shelter, a construction worker may undertake many forms of exciting project in their time. Sure, the architect is the person who assigns the materials and design of a building, but the construction worker is the one who turns that idea and develops it into a reality.

Not only do construction workers have a very open path to career growth and expansion, but when driving past buildings they have worked on, they can point them out to their families and say ‘that was my handiwork.’ There are a very few amount of careers which allow you to do this.

Youth Social Worker

Social workers often help many different people in relationship and developmental issues. Youth social workers begin from the very first stages of that process and get to know children or teenagers at their most vulnerable.

This job requires a sense of emotional fortitude, but if done right can mean the world of difference for the poor child who needs your help. Not only will intercepting and helping them from this age potentially set them on a course of positivity which will prevent them from following acts of ill behavior in future, but it could mean the emotional world to someone.

Helping out a child in a favorable way will help them be grateful for this period all of their lives, and that should serve as one of the most important things anyone working in a modern job role could hope for.


Teachers are often successful or otherwise by how intensely interested they are in the subject they teach. Children and teenagers learn by osmosis, that is they can’t be dictated to, but will naturally latch on the enthusiasm you show.

If you have this solid passion for a subject, you may consider going into teaching. Across the US and UK, teachers are in short supply, and so many government subsidies exist to develop you into a person who can impart wisdom to young minds hungry for knowledge.

Everyone remembers the teachers that truly inspired them, so becoming this figure in a young person’s life is anything but superficial.

These jobs roles are all as equal in their strong importance, so assess your skills and consider where else your skills will be best applied. Good luck!

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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