Becoming Your Own Boss? Here’s How To Do It Right

Many of us have had that dream of starting our own business. Stuck in the rut of nine till five jobs, chained to a desk and slaving over a keyboard, simply doing a job that doesn’t fulfill our passions or excites is in any way possible.

Sound familiar? You won’t be alone in this thought process. The truth is, the difference between people thinking it, and actually doing it, is astronomical.

What is stopping you? The main thing is the process and not knowing where to start. I thought I would outline exactly what you can do to get you started on the road to becoming your own boss.

Network within the industry

Networking is one of the leading ways to get ahead within your industry and ultimately gain the confidence to be your own boss. It enables you to establish contacts within different stages of your niche and expertise.

Helping you to gain a better grounding for launching on your own with your own support network behind you. It is also advisable to network within other areas of business as well, finance experts, sales leaders, they can all help you, guide you and even inspire you on your journey.

Take advantage of social media

It is often easier to launch on your own if you become well-known and established in your own right. Social media is a great tool for this but specifically LinkedIn. It can be underused at times, but from a business perspective,

LinkedIn can help you launch your own business and also help with the earlier point of networking. If you need some guidance on this social media platform, then there are plenty of tips online on websites like

Think about your business plan

Too often people have the dream to launch their own business and be their own boss, but none of the planning stages gets fulfilled correctly. This is why so many new start-up businesses can fail in their first year of trading.

It is essential to have some form of business plan in place and whether you choose to hire someone or develop one yourself is a choice you need to make.

Consider the financial side of things

The financial side of things are equally as important as a business plan and also networking for your support network. You need to ensure you have enough funding in place and often we can’t drawdown from our own personal savings to do it.

This is when you may want to consider websites like to help you out. The financial element is very important and not something to sideline until a later stage.  

Actually, take the step

Finally, we can often be put off starting our own business because we feel there is an element of risk and there is a certain fear factor attached to it. Who wouldn’t be a little overwhelmed by the prospect of starting their own business?

Even the world’s most successful entrepreneurs will have felt some sort of fear at some point. But if you don’t have the faith and take the leap, you simply will never know what opportunities you could have been faced with.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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