Road Show Run Down

Trade shows are a brilliant way to get your business noticed by customers who are really interested in the services you provide. After all, they have taken the time to come out to the trade show.

If you have recently changed career and set up your own business then this is a brilliant way to get started. There are some important aspects to the trade show you should know before venturing out, so use these tips to your advantage to make sure it succeeds.

Use Samples

You need to ensure you sample whatever you have on offer. If you are a cake baking business, then take some of your best. If you are a company offering rapid drug test then take some with you and let the customers try the tests out at your stall it can make a huge difference. Being able to actually try the product means the customers there can appraise your product, some may not like it. But those who do may purchase off you there and then and remember it isn’t only small-scale customers at these trade shows but also large-scale ones, you may just land yourself a huge business order.dsc_6464-1440x810

Get There Early

Your spot will already be confirmed when you set your attendance up. If it isn’t then call ahead and ask you don’t want to end up setting up in the wrong place or otherwise you could be wasting time. You need the time to set everything up to be ready for when the customers come in.

Make The Stall Attractive

Fill it with colour and really go for the attraction factor. The brighter and more interesting the stall is the more likely you are to get people interested in it. Try to get it done in a professional capacity if you can, but if you don’t have the budget really take the time to do it yourself and try to find someone with an arty streak to do it for you. Your branding needs to be on point because it is what people remember when they leave. Make sure your business name is clearly seen and take some business cards with you so you can hand them out to potentially interested customers. This way you know they won’t forget the service you offer.

Take Your Best

You need to take your best talkers and employees. The want to constantly engage with the customers and draw them in. So you need people who are engaging and fun. Don’t take bland people just because they are your friends if you like them more because you’ll be doing your business a disservice.

Choose The Correct Show

This sounds silly, but you need to ensure you choose the right show. If you own a company that provides a service specifically for businesses such as advertising then you need to ensure you go to a show for business owners and not the general consumer. Getting this right can get you way more customers and increase your brand awareness with just the right people.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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