Important Steps To Take For A Public Service Career

If you land a role in public services, you’re in a job that’s pretty secure. That’s because there will, generally speaking, always be a need for that army of teachers and doctors. These are the people that provide us with vital skills every single day, and they’re hard to live without.

So, to break into one of the many public service sectors, what can you do? In this article, we’ll cover three of the biggest – teaching, healthcare and policing – to help you out.


  1. Skillset

On top of excellent people skills and the ability to speak with anyone of any race, color or gender, you’ll need a range of hard skills.


These range from BLS training to phlebotomy, and it’s utterly vital that you’re fully skilled before you go further. Some of the best phlebotomy schools allow you to view course information online, so you can get to learning fast!

  1. Career path

The healthcare industry is one that consistently adds new jobs – after all, there will always be a need for a healthcare system. As such, it’s a great industry to break into, with a wide range of opportunities.

First of all, you’ll need to put a heavy focus on all sciences during your studies. Make sure you enjoy the subject! Your next step should be to attain a relevant college degree, as the industry typically only recruits the very best. You must prove you’re capable.

Entry level jobs like healthcare admin can allow you to transfer into a more prominent role, though this is unlikely. Hospitals and surgeries will frequently be on the lookout for students to sit alongside real doctors, and watch them in action. Make sure this is you!


  1. Skillset

The biggest skill you need to possess is the ability to control a large group of people. You’ll need to be assertive without being too strict, and dominant without coming across as angry. This isn’t really something you can practice – you either have it or you don’t.

You’ll obviously want to major in the subject you wish to teach, but a foundation of math, English and science would help too.

  1. Career path

On the whole, it’s generally getting easier to break into teaching. Some age groups – like youngsters – will only need a ‘babysitter’ of sorts. So, recruiters will look for skills related to that, rather than academic ability.

I’d start by reaching out to schools, and see if any offer work experience. Once that’s been slapped on your CV, look for roles as a teaching assistant or school supervisor. Once your foot is in the door, it becomes easier to fully break in. You won’t go from college to full-time role straightaway. It takes time!


  1. Skillset

Above all, you’ll need to be fearless. God only knows what you’ll be up to on this job, and you could be rescuing kittens from trees and even chasing murderers. In terms of hard skills, basic knowledge of firearms, hand-to-hand combat and

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