The Top Career Opportunities For The Decade Ahead

Right now, workers are worried. First off, our economy is still recovering from one of the worst recessions in living memory. The economy remains sluggish, and the job market is still slow. Then, there is the fact that many jobs are now under threat of automation.

The question for the average US worker, therefore, is what job to choose. In this post, we’re going to look at some of the jobs that are going to be most in demand in the coming decade. So let’s get started.

Elderly Care Worker

Big shifts in demographics mean that there are going to be more older people living in the US over the next ten years. Baby boomers are set to retire en masse, and there simply aren’t the workers to replace them. The silver lining here is that this is likely to mean that there are more jobs in the care sector. Thus, anybody looking for a stable career over the next ten years or so should investigate care work.

Aircraft Mechanic

Whereas other industries look set to be disrupted by digital technology, jobs involving repair work don’t. Well, not yet at least. For the foreseeable future, aircraft will still require mechanics to work on them to carry out repairs. And we can expect that aircraft traffic will increase over the next decade, just as it has done for the past seven. If you’re interested in a career as an aircraft mechanic, you can learn more here.


Networking Specialist

Digital technology might be poised to replace a lot of people. But there’s still an enormous opportunity for the people who implement the technology. Network specialists are going to be in especially high demand over the next decade, perhaps more than programmers. The reason is that the world itself is becoming far more networked. Computers need to be connected to other computers. Systems need to be integrated. And over the next decade, even objects will become part of a network called the internet of things. What’s more, because the job is highly specialist, it’s going to become ever better paid as we move forwards.

Physician’s Assistant

This is another job that looks set for take-off, all thanks to changing demographics. As baby boomers retire, they will begin to place big demands on medical services. And as they put pressure on doctors, the doctors themselves will need support. This is where they’ll come to rely increasingly on their assistants.

Physician’s assistants are for those people who really don’t want to do a long course in medicine, but still want to be a part of the action. Often you can find course online that can carry you all the way to the upper tiers of the role. The pay isn’t bad either.

Employment Coordinator

The economy is moving in a dramatically different direction. It’s becoming more and more rare for employers to offer full-time jobs. Rather, work is offered on a contract by contract basis. And so, going forward, there’s going to be a big demand for people with the skills to manage these workflows. Employment coordinators will grow in importance as the gig economy grows. And their career opportunities will grow to match.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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