After The Interview: What To Expect If You Get Called Back

Finding a job is one of those tasks which everybody finds difficult from time to time. The truth is, it can be a very long and drawn out process, even at the best of times. One of the most frustrating elements is when a job has a long recruitment process before they take you on.

This might make sense for their business, but for you as an individual it can be a real pain. So what do you do in these situations? Well, the main thing is to be prepared. And in order to be prepared, you need to know what the usual process is for a job which has a long recruiting cycle.interview-1018333_960_720

With that in mind, we have put together this short post. In this post, we will look at the common stages you can expect to go through, after that first interview. That way, you at least have some idea of what to expect. Let’s take a look.

Second Interview

For some jobs, they might require that you take a second interview. This all depends on the employer, and it is by no means standard. However, that is not to say that it is not common. It is  — and it is something you should be prepared for. This is often standard in jobs which are considered to be somewhat high-profile.

So if you are going for one of those, be prepared for a second interview. The key thing to remember is that if you have been asked back, then that is a very good sign. They are obviously pleased with your performance so far, and they are keen to learn more about you. Just treat it as you did the first interview.

Tell yourself that if you got through the first one, you can do it again. Also bear in mind that, in rare cases, they might even ask you back for a third or fourth interview.

Preliminary Checks

There is little you can do about this stage, but it is worth being aware of it, in case it happens. If you succeed in all of your interview, it is likely that your new employer will want to carry out some checks.

These are usually merely for the safety of the employer themselves. Mostly, they just want to discover that they can trust you in your new role. These checks could be just about anything, so be prepared for anything.

They might want to check your criminal history, for example; they might even carry out a saliva drug test. The important thing is to give them the information that they need without question.


If you provided references at the beginning of the process, now is probably the time that they will check them over. When they do, you need to ensure that you definitely have permission from your referees.

Otherwise, you might find yourself getting into trouble with those people! Not only that, but it will reflect poorly on your new employer. And that is the last thing you want at this late stage.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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