Does Your Boss Really Care About You?

Everyone needs to work, it’s just a fact of life. Obviously though, the working environments we land in aren’t always ideal. One of the worst things you could ask for in employment is a boss who doesn’t care about you. In this post, we’ll look at a few common signs that your boss isn’t exercising the care they should. If you’re experiencing these, it may be time to re-start the job hunt!

One common sign is that you’re always expected to work over your contracted hours. This can be an especially big issue if you work for a relatively new or small company. If you’re an hourly employee, and your boss expects you to work without being compensated, then get out of there quick! Even if you’re a salaried employee, make sure you’re not being treated unfairly.

It’s understandable if your company is going through a busy month, or working on a large project. However, if you’re constantly being pressured into working longer hours, then your boss may be taking advantage of you. This is especially true if they and your peers are obviously able to take it easy. I recommend putting your foot down about the issue. If you’re met with hostility, then quit.


Another sign that you’re not being appreciated is that you’re being asked to work more than one job. I know that job roles can change and evolve, especially when you’re in the “white collar” category.

However, if another employee has been laid off, and you’re being asked to fulfil all their duties on top of yours, you should take it as a sign of a bad boss. I agree that a hiccup like this isn’t reason alone to leave your job.

Keep an ear to the ground about the old employee getting replaced. If your boss doesn’t show any signs of finding a replacement, then you could be in real trouble. Never let yourself get stuck doing things which were assigned to someone else. You can find a good article on this at Idealist Careers.

The final, and perhaps most worrying sign, is that your employer isn’t observing proper safety procedure. Every employer has a legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment for their employees. Negligence of this is unfortunately widespread, which has led to the rise of personal injury lawyers like Brown and Crouppen.

Your workplace needs to have any potential risks controlled. You should also have access to any necessary safety equipment. If and when you feel your safety’s at risk and leave a work area, you shouldn’t be reprimanded for this. Of course, in some cases, the responsibility rests on the employee. You need to take your own precautions, and ensure your safety in any way possible.

If our employer isn’t providing the proper safety measures though, you should bring it to their attention.

If your boss is showing one or more of these signs, then it’s time to reconsider your position. At best, a negligent boss means a halted career. At worst, they’re a serious health hazard!

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.


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