How to get a job interview: a guest post

So, you’ve applied to dozens of jobs and sent out hundreds of resumes, but still haven’t heard back from anyone? Here are top tips for landing a job interview that will help you to break this unsatisfying routine and grant a chance at getting the job of your dreams.

Isabel Williams

Isabel Williams

Research the market

Before setting out on your job hunt, you need to know what kind of position, company and industry you’d like to get into. Be specific. Instead of vague “I want to work in fashion”, establish your goals and formulate a precise message: “I want to be come a digital marketing director for the X brand”.

This will help you to understand better what you’re after and how others can help you to get into that X company, opening up some networking possibilities that often prove decisive for getting that first meeting.

Market yourself

Know what you’re good at and what value you bring to companies – then market those qualities to impress each and every professional contact you make during your job hunt. Most people resort to business cards, but how about something more original and suited to your prospective industry? A biographic that tells your professional story in visuals is a great way to be remembered.

Prepare a killer resume

Your resume should be adjusted to fit the context and company you’re interested to join. Resumes that get noticed are those that send a clear message and answer the question: What can I do for the company to help it grow? Recruiters will be more than happy to receive a resume which already suggests the problems you’re able to solve for the company,


Instead of relying on job boards, try your hand at networking – it’s a great strategy for landing on top of the resume file. Get in touch with people who might be willing to refer your in the recruiting process. Always use a good motive to contact someone – offer something of value.

Take initiative

This goes together with the point about networking – instead of sitting in front of the computer screen and automatically sending out your resumes, try to adopt a proactive approach and get in touch with companies and individuals yourself. As soon as you establish your goals and prepare a great resume, you’re ready to get out there and find a job, instead of waiting for it to find you.

Treat job postings as indications of a company’s interest in hiring new staff. Use the backdoor and contact department heads to get more information on the offer. Don’t be too eager – in your emails say that a colleague passed you the job posting and, given you’re not actively looking for a job, you’d like to know more details before applying for the position.

Know what you want and you’ll find a way to get it – don’t expect the overcrowded job market of today to work in your favor!

Th article was contributed by Isabel Wiliams of Isabel Wiliams is a passionate educator and an accomplished businesswoman. With a strong background in Internet Science and New Technologies combined with huge IT expertise she regularly give seminars on leveraging the potential of the World Wide Web for business success.

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1 Response to How to get a job interview: a guest post

  1. Michelle says:

    Great read, Isabel! Your blog contains many helpful tips on how to land that “dream job” interview. As a senior, I am constantly thinking about my position in the work force as a public relations professional. There is such stiff competition out there these days, that in order to succeed, one must learn how to stand out from the crowd – whether if it’s from a killer resume, networking skills or personal marketing strategies. I will be sure to keep your key points in mind as I begin my application process. Thanks!

    Michelle Pierce
    Writer/Editor, Platform Online Magazine

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