A 25-Day Job Hunting Plan For You

I wrote yesterday that January is definitively job-hunting time.

And in going through my job-hunting e-mails, I came across another post that not only says much the same thing, but also outlines a 25-day holiday plan for getting the most out of your job search.

January is job hunting season.

January is job hunting season.

Some of the tips include:

Day 1: Find your target.
Day 2: Revise your resume.
Day 3: Create your elevator pitch.
Day 4: Refocus your cover letter drafts.
Day 5: Register your resume and cover letter on large job boards.
Day 6: Define your networking strategy.
Day 7: Update your social media profiles.
Day 8: Pinpoint niche job boards.
Day 9: Search for recruiters in your targeted area.
Day 10: Take a look at the classifieds.

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