Why is January Job Hunting Time?

January is definitively job hunting time because many companies start new fiscal years along with the calendar years and that means they may have some money to hire.

January is job hunting season.

January is job hunting season.

But don’t start the new year with the same tired approach to job hunting that wasn’t working at last year ended. Time for you to become the new year’s you. To do that:

* Rip up your resume and start again. Highlight accomplishments and what you offer an employer, not the same old same old.

* Get new job-hunting clothes. Stores are clearing out merchandise in early January, making it a great time to buy a new interview outfit or two, or three.

* Start a new job-hunting routine. Job hunting is a job, as I write in my book, establish a new job routine to increase the number of contacts you make and ads you answer.

My philosophy is always be job hunting, now is the time to make that your philosophy as well.

Happy New Year and Happy Job Hunting,

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