How Can You Help Hurricane Sandy Victims?

While I normally write about jobs here, it’;s difficult to be thinking about job hunting when your home and everything you own has been destroyed.

That’s what’s happened to countless people on the East Coast after Hurricane Sandy hit. I’ve lived in the Chicago area all my adult life, but I was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. During my high school years, we lived in Coney Island, on a street where the New York Aquarium is, a street that was inundated by the tidal surge the hurricane brought to New York.

Destroyed home, and students helping to rebuild them. Please help.

My high school in Manhattan, Xavier, has been there for 165 years, making it one of the oldest schools in New York. It reports that some 80 students in its school community are without homes now. Just writing that makes my heart ache for them. I have donated to the relief fund and urge you all to do the same, you know your money will go directly to help rebuild homes there. Please help by clicking on this link to make your contribution.

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