Which Three Questions Will an Interviewer Ask You?

One of the guiding principles of my book, Always Be Job Hunting, is what the name implies, always be hunting, always be looking for not only jobs but tips and advice that can help you find jobs. Sometimes the tips will come from what seem the most unlikely of places.

That happened recently with me when I saw an article in the Jerusalem Post of all places, that, although directed at employers and interviewers, also had great advice for job seekers.

Be prepared for these questions when you begin a job interview.

The piece outlines three questions potential employers may ask you about jobs on your resume. Being prepared for these will help you avoid awkward silences in the interview and, if you prepare intelligent answers, just might help you get to the next level of the interview process.

So be prepared to be asked:

1. How did you find out about the position?
2. What attracted you to the position before you started?
3. What made you leave the position?

Can you answer each of those for each job on your resume without sounding negative about past employers? Read the article for more details.
John N. Frank

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