Job Opening: Classified Sales Director, Chicago Area

A company named 22nd Century Media is searching for a classified sales director, according to a job listing it posted to Careerbuilder. com.

The company describes itself as a “growing company with the most effective solutions for hyper-local advertising through community-based editorial content. Currently, we publish eleven weekly newspapers and operate twelve different websites. The newspapers and websites cover solely the news of their respective town or village – the news that directly impacts the readers the most.” It’s based in Orland PArk, Ill., a southern suburb of Chicago.


Qualifications are listed as:

“Ideal candidates will possess 1 – 3 years of experience in inside advertising sales and /or media environment. Must have a strong work ethic and ability to work independently as well as with a team. Excellent communication skills, time – management and interpersonal skills required. Experience with Mac computers is a plus.”

Good luck, and Always Be Job Hunting.
John N. Frank

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