My First Speaking Engagement Was a Success, Read Why

My first speaking engagement to discuss the guiding principles of Always Be Job Hunting went very well, better than I was expecting given that I was speaking in the Chicago area on the night of a Bears-Packers game.

Attendees had some great questions and we had a wonderful dialogue in which I learned some valuable lessons from them and, hopefully, they learned some from me as well.

“Always Be Job Hunting.”

Key take-aways from the speech were the six guiding principles of Always Be Job Hunting, namely:

* Build you personal brand
* Connect like your career depended on it
* Always be looking ahead
* Be proactive not reactive
* Know yourself
* Plan, plan, plan

I’ll be posting more about all of these here, but to get the inside scoop, click on the link to the right to buy the book now.
John N. Frank

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