Can You Find a New Job After Taking a Buyout?

A reader took a corporate buyout, thinking he would be able to find a new position in a different city. It didn’t work out that way, read some of the lessons he learned and how he’s adapted.

My JOB HUNTING reality check

In 2002, at 60, after 23 years, I took a Pfizer package (my choice) to leave New Jersey to be in Virginia with my son and his family.

I was given 30 months severance and employment assistance . Thank you Pfizer!

I’m sure that, a few years later, they would have let me go when the company sold its consumer products division to Johnson & Johnson.

Our guest author didn’t take this picture of Richmond, Va., his are better.

Now, I can’t even go back to N.J. for a reunion as the building was sold to J&J.

I was tech savvy then and never thought I’d have a problem finding an IT project manager or similar position here in Richmond.

I joined a user group for a supply chain IT technology I hoped to continue with here.
As I searched for a new position, I came in second and third for lesser jobs paying a third what I made at Pfizer. Ugh!

I took jobs selling Honda, collecting debt for $10 per hour with a “carrot” to be an IT Director if this collection agency took off [not],

My best job was with the census, making $18 per hour as an enumerator and a test facilitator.
Today I’m a dinosaur at 69.

For the past five years, I succumbed to selling my Richmond photography to businesses and local folks.

It’s fun somewhat but frankly, there is not much demand for my images. I created my website and had less than 2,000 hits in five years. Can’t say I had six calls from those that browsed it.

If you know someone in Richmond, Va. looking for a photographer, drop me a line. And comment on this search as well here.

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