Reviews for “Always Be Job Hunting” Are Wildly Positive

The reviews for my new book, “Always Be Job Hunting”, have been coming in on and they have all been wildly positive. My thanks to everyone who has taken the time to do one, it’s gratifying to know the book is receiving such positive buzz.

Amazon isn’t the only place you can buy my new book.

I welcome all buyers of the book to post your own reviews as well. I’m going to excerpt some of the current review below to give you the a flavor for the book.
John N. Frank

Always Be Job Hunting review excerpts:

“Like so many people John has had companies merge and reorganize and drastically alter his job situation out from under him. He has handled the delicate task of staying afloat while employers and other employees were sinking all around him. He has put together his techniques into one eminently readable book. Certainly one of the best investments you can make in these turbulent economic times.”
Tony L.

“It’s a thoughtful, well-researched volume.”
Tom W.

“Mr Frank’s book is highly informative, enjoyable, and something that I will be referring back to many times because its important that we always be hunting!”
Mike A.

“He’s had to use his own advice for himself to stay employed through all the economic ups and downs since his college graduation. I can’t think of a better person to advise you on this subject!”
Jonathan B.

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