Here’s What You Need to Know During Your Phone Interview

Technology is a game changer when it comes to today’s workplace. With the increase in remote employment and the difficulty in finding good candidates to fill many positions, many employers are resorting to more phone interviews to screen candidates before investing time and resources into scheduling in-person interviews.

A phone interview may be a prequel to an in-person interview, but increasingly, phone interviews are the only interview you’re going to get. Here are some tips to help you get through the interview and come out on top.

Be Professional

You should not treat a phone interview any differently than you would an in-person interview when it comes to presenting yourself. Research has shown that wearing more formal attire does influence your level of cognitive processing. You may like the idea of answering interview questions while wearing a bathrobe and gorilla slippers but taking the time to prepare yourself just as you would if you were meeting the interviewer in person is necessary.

Minimize Distractions

At an office interview you would likely be in a small room with a few key persons, facing them and focused on them. Sitting in front of a computer, eating, or petting the dog increases the likelihood that your attention will be diverted during the interview. Turn off devices and other distractions. A glass of water might be okay, but leave the snacks in the kitchen until you’re finished. Make sure young children or pets are secured so that you don’t have to interrupt the interview to remove them.

Be Prepared

Know who you will be talking with, understand their role in the organization, and do your research on the company and the position before your interview. Make a list of job requirements and tailor a few key statements that support your suitability for the position. Understand the company culture and how it fits with your own personal values and behaviors. Doing this homework ahead of time will help keep you from being caught off-guard during the interview.

Be Honest

Being out of sight might give you the feeling that you can inflate your abilities and confidence without giving away any hints of deception through facial expressions or demeanor. Just don’t. You want to make sure that you are presenting your best self, but you don’t want to lie to a potential employer. Little white lies will turn into big red flags if you’re caught.

Ask Questions

Make sure that part of your research and preparation is about the things that you don’t know, and prepare a list of questions that you can ask during the phone interview. Ask about company location, whether you will need to have specific equipment for a remote position, and other things that might be apparent during an office interview but might not be obvious during a phone interview.

Follow these tips to help prepare yourself for your phone interview before you pick up the phone. It’s important to give yourself every advantage, or it may be the last time you hear from them.


Meagan Weekes works at as a Content Manager. She enjoys sharing career tips and her broad work experience. She specializes in developing business ideas, career advancement and networking.


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