Five Perfect Businesses for Introverts

Being a people person can help you get on with your business and career, but this doesn’t mean that you have limited options if you prefer working on your own. Below you can find a few ideas for setting up your own business and getting the most satisfaction out of your work, if you are an introvert, and would prefer not dealing with the public.

Working With Animals

If you are an introvert, chances are that you like being around animals more than people. You can start your own farm, or create a pet sitting service. Alternatively, if your skills are on the creative side, you might want to become a pet outfit designer, and create gorgeous outfits for family favorites.

You might not want to focus on pets only, though. Set up your organic honey operations from home, and develop a great relationship with these smart animals. All you need is some beekeeping equipment and loads of patience.

Computer Security Expert

If you would rather talk to your laptop than people, becoming a computer security analyst might be your calling. Your job will be to remotely access clients’ systems and analyzing security details, protecting them from potential threats. You can also become a researcher who uses advanced software to spot new trends in computer security and develop innovative solutions.


If you have been stuck in an office for a long time, working with numbers, but would like more flexibility and time for yourself, you can set up your own business as a freelance accountant. You will need to invest in some software, but your clients will appreciate your services and the hands-off approach you provide. All you need to provide them with is the statements and account figures, and they will walk away happy.

Freelance Writer or Designer

Freelancers benefit from a better work-life balance than employees, and don’t have to deal with bosses or colleagues. If you have advanced writing or design skills, you can run your business from home, and communicate with your clients through cloud computing and emails. You will also save money on commuting, and don’t have to leave your home office, unless you want to.

Product Photographer

To become a product photographer, you will need to enroll for a course, and get some professional equipment. In return, you can set your own hours, and work at your own pace. Product photography demand is on the rise, thanks to the spread of online stores. You can secure one local business client, and you will have enough work to do for the year ahead.

Introverts can also find their perfect business field and structure that will keep them happy and out of the office. You don’t have to be a people person to make money of your skills. Limit your communication to the minimum, and sell your high demand, professional skills for the best price. Have more time for curling up with a book or looking after your pets at home, by creating your own venture.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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