Are Government Jobs More Secure that Those in the Public Sector?

If you are thinking about a career change, and have had several jobs in the public sector that haven’t really worked out, you might be looking for more job security. Some say that there are still jobs for life in the public sector, and you can benefit from a good pension scheme, excellent workers’ rights protection, and free training. While there are several appealing features of government jobs, they are not for everyone. Read more about the debate below.

Government Jobs Change with a New Administration

“Computer Trading – expert workshop” by Government Office for Science is licensed under CC BY 2.0

While you might think that public service offers a better job security than private companies, this is not always the case. You have to be prepared for big changes coming your way whenever the government changes and new policies are introduced. It is also important to note that redundancies are becoming increasingly frequent in the public sector. While you might be trained for another job eventually, the transition periods can be stressful.

Budget Affects Government Jobs

You might have just completed your course to apply for a job at one of the government agencies, just to find out that the role no longer exists. Just imagine that you took an online safety degree and spent years of studying, just to find out that you cannot progress your career further. If you are planning on a career in the public sector, make sure that the role will be around by the time you finish your studies. If the department’s budget is suddenly cut, you might find that you have no role to apply for.  

Quotas Change

Unfortunately, public administration changes based on the priorities of the government. They allocate the funding to different departments according to what is the most important. While there might be 6000 people needed in a state to carry out a job today, due to changes in processes, and new computer systems, in a few year’s time, the size of the department will be much smaller. You cannot rely on job security in the public sector anymore, like you could a few decades ago.

You Might Be Wasted in a Government Job

“FERA visit” by Government Office for Science is licensed under CC BY 2.0

While you might get great workplace benefits, free training, and a stable job at a government agency, you will have limited opportunities for progressing your career. If you cannot find a suitable position within the government, you might end up job hunting in the public sector again. If you are a forward-thinking person, you might think that the workplace processes are outdated in government agencies. Unfortunately, even if you have great ideas of improving services, and introducing more effective processes, you will need to deal with bureaucracy.


Whether you are a person who believes that government jobs are for life, or want to make a difference through public service, you might be disappointed in what today’s government agencies have to offer. You will need to face with constant changes, limited career progression opportunities, and politics in the office. Make sure you are well-informed about the agency you choose, and don’t waste time and money completing a course that will no longer be desirable by the public sector in a few years’ time.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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