Changing Careers: Strength, Bravery And Sharpness Of Mind

If you’ve noticed there’s something within you that wants to protect, coordinate or lead a team; you may want to think about changing careers.

Many people who find the office desk job boring and want to go out into the big wide world, and do something that’s constructive and physically challenging, find many different careers to suit their needs.

The bottom line is, some people just want to be on their feet, moving around, doing different tasks that may be risky, difficult to manage or require you to think tactically while on the move. The alpha male and female nature in some people are braver; hence high-pressure environments are like water off a duck’s back to them.

If you believe this is your personality, and you have the drive to succeed in these conditions, then perhaps you should consider these job types.

Property risk assessor

Before small or large construction projects can begin, there has to be a risk assessment done of the landscape and the general local surroundings.

However, after a building has been built, but suffered a shock, be it from an earthquake, or an explosion, property risk assessors, are called in to explore the building to see if it’s safe. This type of occupation needs someone who is strong and can lead a team in tense situations.

The right kind of person, will actively weigh up the risks of damaged or contorted structures, of the support beams, walls, brick, foundations and the looseness of the decor, and fill out a report.

From this, building constructors, business owners and private property owners can make crucial decisions that will impact the safety of their employees, tenants and the general public.


Those who are trained in security are high in demand. Any entity from a business, government office, event organizers, and even the judicial system, is always looking for qualified guards to maintain order and safety. If you’re interested, you can receive security training in Luton to become a qualified and licensed guard.

From this, you can enter roles such as a court security officer, where you take on an irreplaceable role in maintaining the order of the courtroom. You’ll be dealing with the jury, the audience and those directly involved in any judicial proceeding. It’s a job that requires good judgement and highly regarded as the torch that protects the sanctity of the law.

Businesses such as retail and event organizers all need good, level-headed security guards to keep the peace and keep an eye on the items and people coming to the business or festival. It requires a sharp analytical mind, a great sense of reading people and their behavior.

Guard receptionist

Many headquarters of large multinational businesses and their local operating bases require guards to be patrolling the premises. If you have a good eye for attention to detail, and the relentless need to make sure everything runs smoothly and the property you manage is safe from harm by intruders, this is a great role to fulfill.

Managing the flow of human traffic from entrance, reception, to the offices is something much needed by large businesses because of the complexity of customers and clients they interact with. This is a heavy responsibility to bear, but if you’re confident with large projects, this should satisfy your need to be a steady rock people can rely on.

Not many people have it in them, to be strong, physically capable, and possess an analytical mind that can read situations very carefully in a short amount of time.

But, if you feel that you want to be a leader, have a physically demanding role, a lot of responsibility involving the safety of others, these kinds of career paths are great and very high in demand.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.


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