The Best Handymen Bring The Right Tools For The Job

Whether you want to start working for yourself in a trade, like electrics, plumbing, or general home repairs, or you want to make a career doing construction work, you must be a professional. It’s the key to being chosen by more contractors and more clients.

Professionalism isn’t just about how well you do the job, either. It’s about convincing people you can do the job before you have the chance to prove yourself. To that end, a few tools can help you do that just fine.

The brand

It’s not a physical tool, per se, but a good brand is essential if you’re striking out on your own or even wanting to work with more contractors. A personal brand ensures that everyone knows of your skills and the work you’ve done in the past. In construction work, it means taking the opportunity to network more, find more leads, and become a known figure that your past partners are more than happy to recommend. If you’re working for yourself as a tradesperson, then you need to consider a website and a social media that display not just work you’ve done, but reviews, testimonials, and even photos if you’re in repair or renovation.

The kit

Proper work gear won’t just help you do your job better, but it all contributes to the look of a professional. A review of backpack tool bags highlights exactly how much more practical it is for storing tools than a gym bag or a big clunky toolbox. A good solid pair of work boots isn’t just going to help you look the part but will keep you safe if you’re working outside. Taking some care to wear work suitable clothes doesn’t mean wearing suits out to the job, but it does make you look like a professional, not a cowboy.

The vehicle

Similarly, the right vehicle is an essential for travelling tradesmen. A 4×4 or van are good choices for space but you can make modifications that make them even more suiting. For one, you can free up more space or add more specialized storage so your tools are organized rather than just lying around and prone to taking damage. But you can also brand your vehicle to give the business more attention, too.

The tech

Your job isn’t only done with your physical tools but with a variety of business processes, too. Offering quotes, invoices, and estimates. Receiving payments, Answering queries. These can all be done with the right software for tradesmen. Nowadays, all you need is a smartphone or laptop and you make the customer service side of the business much more convenient. With accurate, itemized estimates and bills, you can also offer a degree of transparency to your costs that make you much more trustworthy.

A reputation, the right gear, a good vehicle, and a few tech tips can help you stand head and shoulder above the rest. That way you’ll be the one that keeps getting the jobs, so long as you have the skills to back it all up.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.


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