Athlete Alternatives: Interesting Careers in Sport

Many people play sports in their youth and carry on into adulthood too. While they might want to go pro at some point, most don’t make it that far. Others have a passion for sports and fitness but don’t ever consider being a professional athlete. If you have a love for sports, there are other ways to make a career from it. You can use both your fitness and your brains to make your way in the sports industry.

Coaching and Training

If you have experience of a sport and plenty of knowledge, becoming a coach or trainer is one possible option. You get to use leadership skills, sports knowledge and perhaps your ability to strategize too. You could work with schools or sports institutions to influence the next generation of players.

Sports Journalism

Another way to put your encyclopedic knowledge of a sport to good use is to consider working in sports journalism. If you have a way with words and a love for a particular sport, or even any and all sport, you could work for newspapers, websites, TV shows, and more.

Sports Medicine

A career in healthcare appeals to some people who are interested in the physiological part of sports and fitness. There are opportunities such as working as a physical therapist for athletes that might interest you.

Sports Management

If you like being in charge of things, sports management can give you the chance to do that. Jobs in this area can range from office works to sports agents and directors.

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