Jobs To Help Flex Your Creative Muscle

Not everyone is a creative. Attributes include being a perfectionist and not content with just the norm. While being a creative can serve you well in your personal life, often we don’t use this skill in the workplace. But why not?

After all, being creative could help in any job category from unique marketing strategies through to the closing argument on a big court case as a lawyer.

However, I wanted to share with you some job roles and career paths that will enable you to flex your creative muscle all day every day.

Working with textiles

Being creative means you could be quite a visionary sort of person. Art and flare could be the two skills you want to harness the most and what better way to do that would be to work with textiles.

Perhaps designing and making your own clothing collection, or even working on homeware when it comes to soft furnishings and upholstery. This is when searching on websites like could prove beneficial.

This could start with working for large corporations, or it could even extend into finally having your own business and bringing your vision to life.

Start a blog

Maybe you get creative and expressive through the written word, then a new digital career option would be to become an online blogger. Starting your own blog and sharing your passion through blog posts and articles is a great way to flex that creative muscle.

While it may not become a career at first, with time and dedication it could go on to be a success. There are plenty of bloggers out there making six-figure sums each year.

Create video content online

If you are a more visual person, then take the creative blog one step further and create video content instead. Using websites like YouTube could help you create a channel dedicated to your visual edits and vlogs.

Create backdrops & scenes for movie or theater productions

If art and drawing are your passion, or even creating visual masterpieces, then a career behind the scenes in movies or theater could be the perfect option. You could create stunning back drops for the theater, or be responsible for creating complete sets for tv and movie productions. Articles like this one could help you take the right steps.

Style to your heart’s content as a window dresser

Finally, you could take your creative skills and specialize in retail. Window dressing is definitely becoming something more small businesses, and retail spaces are taking advantage of as more people want to shop locally. There are even community competitions for the best-dressed display. There is a career in this and definitely could be something to consider if you like styling your home space or generally have an interest in styling and an artistic flare.

I hope this has inspired you to think of an alternative direction for your career by using some of your creative skills and knowledge.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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