Seven Steps To Finally Securing The Job You Want

Few aspirations in life are as important as establishing a successful career. First and foremost, dedicating decades of your life to a job you hate is a thought to give anyone nightmares. Secondly, a well paid position can open up new doors and opportunities in your personal life too.  

Unfortunately, nobody is going to hand you the perfect job. If you want to turn your career dream into a reality, you need to take responsibility. With this in mind, getting a plan of action together is crucial. After all, millions of people fail to achieve their goals despite putting in the hard work. In many cases, a lack of direction is the main source of those problems.  

Follow these seven steps to improve your luck in the field. You will not regret it.  job-hunting

Open Your Mind To Other Opportunities  

Society has evolved at a rapid rate in recent times, not least when it comes to business. The traditional methods might still be the most frequent, but it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily right for you. Make yourself aware of the alternatives to gain a greater outlook on the situation. If nothing else, it will allow you to make a more informed decision.  

The internet allows many people to look at the possibility of securing remote-based freelance work. Alternatively, you could go self-employed as a sole trader or a small business. Either way, appreciating that the traditional method isn’t the only possible route to success can only aid your cause. Even if it’s only to confirm your preference for chasing standard employment.  

Continue Your Education  

Earning potential isn’t dictated exclusively by education and qualifications. But as a general rule of thumb, it’s fair to suggest that the more you learn, the more you’ll earn. So even if you’ve already graduated from university, you should never slam the book of learning completely.  learn-1996845_960_720

Short courses aimed at learning how to use new computer software and equipment can be very beneficial in the modern market. The world of business is smaller than ever, so that becoming bilingual could make you a far more attractive prospect for employers too.    

Think Beyond The C.V  

Once upon a time, a great C.V and cover letter would’ve been enough to land you an interview at virtually any job you were qualified for. Nowadays, though, the competition is fierce than ever. Graduate figures are at a high while most people boast experience too, even if it’s only through voluntary roles. Therefore, ensuring that your applications stand out from the crowd is essential.  

If you are looking for a job in a creative field, try showing that creativity. A portfolio website can allow you to showcase your talents in a far more exciting manner. Meanwhile, taking note of these unique C.Vs and applications should get your creative juices flowing too. Ultimately, employers will forget most applicants immediately. Go the extra mile to ensure that you’ll be one they remember, and your chances will gain an immediate boost.  

Looking For Vacancies  

Creating an application that stands out is great, but it’s equally important that you look for jobs in the right places. Let’s face it; searching generic job boards can take a lot of time while a lot of the positions aren’t what they seem to be. Targeting your endeavours is more accessible than ever, you owe it to yourself to take advantage.  

Experts at Portfolio Procurement can help you find the dream job in the dream field. Not only does that specialised strategy give you the best chance of finding a vacancy that is suited to you. But it also maximizes of finding one that you’ll love. After all, it’s just important for you to have expectations of the company as it is for them to have expectations of you. 


Plan Ahead Of Interviews  

Landing an interview signals a major moment in your job hunting venture. However, it is not a cue to start taking things easily. If anything, this is a prompt to step up your efforts to avoid falling at the final hurdle. The internet is an incredible tool for research purposes, so make sure you use it to paint a picture of the company and the role itself. If you know the person who will be interviewing you, you can even check their social media profiles to get an idea of their personal interests.    

Employers aren’t just interested in your skills; they want to know that you are someone who will fit in. Any opportunity to strike up a bond should be grabbed with both hands. If you aren’t a naturally confident person, try to prepare for the interview itself by getting a friend or family to do a practice run.    

Take Pride  

You cannot expect an employer to invest in you if you aren’t prepared to invest in yourself. Therefore, dressing to impress in the interview is an essential factor that must not be ignored. If nothing else, this will go a long way to building your confidence. And it will show as employers judge you. 


In addition to pride in yourself, you need to show pride in your work. Be prepared at the interview stage by being organised and carrying the appropriate materials such as a pen. Those little gestures do make a difference. Finally, having a few questions prepared can further highlight your genuine enthusiasm for the role and the company.  

Think Long-Term  

Perhaps the most important thing to realise is that you can’t have everything immediately. We live in a world dominated by the need for instant results. But it’s better to be at the bottom of the right ladder than the second rung of the wrong one. Setting realistic goals throughout your career is key.  

Similarly, it’s OK to put ambitions on hold due to personal circumstances. Life isn’t a race. If you need to take another job to tide you over until the opportunity you truly want arrives, don’t be afraid to take it. Besides, it’s easier to promote yourself when you’re already employed anyway.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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