It’s Almost 2017: Here are Outdated Job Tips You Shouldn’t Use

Some people say “you should apply online and the job will eventually come to you,” but when you apply online today, you could be competing against thousands of other online submissions, making your resume less likely to land on the HR department’s radar.

Guest blogger Stephanie Lynch

Guest blogger Stephanie Lynch

Even if you were the best candidate available, applying online is going to be hit or miss, especially if you’re using these six outdated job tips:

1. Applying to online jobs that may be outdated

Yes, many jobs that get posted have been circulating for quite some time before it even hits an online classified website, and employees in the company are often asked if they know anyone who is good for the job.  So by the time you see the job and apply, you may be at a disadvantage because the company may have a few internal references on their radar screen. 

Also, some job postings that have been up for more than 30 days may already be closed and/or the company hasn’t found the right candidate yet.

Before you spend a good chunk of your hour applying to the job, try to see if the company is, indeed, looking for someone like you, even if the job posting is fresh.

2. Pausing the job hunt during the holidays

If you are thinking it’s close to the New Year, and no one will be around, you could be wrong.  In fact, the holidays are a time of year when workloads slow down for many hiring managers, allowing them to take more time looking at resumes.  The holidays are when job seekers should get busy, not wait around until the holidays pass.

3. Assuming no job being posted means no job available

Just because a company doesn’t have a job posted, it doesn’t mean they don’t need you.  For example, what if your position could help a company?  They may not even know positions out there even exist.

If you were a digital marketing analyst, for instance, you may be able to help a smaller organization increase their online presence, leading to more sales.  Be proactive, creative and let your voice be heard!  If you can sell yourself and they need someone like you, it could lead to a great opportunity.

4. More job applications don’t increase your chances of landing it

If you apply for a lot of jobs at once, it doesn’t mean you’re increasing your odds, especially if you’re sending standard introductory letters and you never tailor your resume to that specific job.  If so, you can count on HR directors throwing your resume in the trash bucket.

Select the jobs that truly interest you and make sure your letter and resume tailor that specific job description.   The lesson here:  Don’t focus on how many applications you’re sending, but rather, focus on the jobs you want.

5. Relying on one job search method

Don’t just focus on one job website such as Indeed.  Sure, while this website is great for finding jobs, it doesn’t mean your job will be on there.  Don’t forget to check on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or even through a Google search. Plunge into them all.

Also, don’t forget to be old-fashioned and actually go out and network.  Putting a face to the name can often increase your chances as well.  Don’t make the mistake of focusing on job resource because your dream job may slip away.

6. Focus on yourself

Set your sights on making the employee feel like they’re the only company you’d ever want to work for because they’re the perfect fit. When you focus on them, they focus on you.  Touching on the points prior, make each resume feel as if it were catered to their company.

Use the buzzwords they use and make sure you understand the company’s philosophy.  With technology, these systems can do a great job automatically picking out resumes that fit their criteria.

Staying on top of the times can lead to some great opportunities and great success.  By implanting the tips above, you should be able to find a job you’re happy to go to every day.

About the author:

Stephanie Lynch is a freelance writer who has written countless articles in the job sector.  You can check out more of her work at Howmuchisit.

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