No Boss, No Office, No Worries

If you’ve found our little section of the web, you are considering making a career change. Or, you are looking for your first full-time career. Either way, you might want to consider working from home and setting up an online business. It’s easy to do this.6326852066_f65cdc7bba_b



All you need to do is create a profile online, decide what job you want to do and pick up some essential skills. Once you reach that stage, you’ll find working from home is a dream come true.

There will be no office to head to each day, no boss breathing down your neck and no stress from crazy deadlines. Here are some of the jobs you can complete working from the comfort of your home.

Professional Blogger

A professional blogger is quite different compared to your typical blogger. A typical blogger will post a blog once a day at the most. A professional blogger will spend the working day writing posts and building up their profile. They’ll take their own pictures, add fresh content and invest in SEO.

They will host their site so that they have complete control over the space that they are using online. An average blogger will be lucky to make a few dollars a day from their writing. A professional blogger can make a fortune in a week, earning thousands.

Yes, this isn’t a minimum wage job we’re talking about, it’s the real deal. To get started, you need to pick a topic and start writing. It can take a while to gain any sort of traction online. But eventually, you will see a following develop. It’s at this point that you’ll start making serious amounts of money.

Office Assistant At Home

You could also learn how to become a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant completes the same jobs you would typically associate with a secretary or receptionist. You will be handling calls, speaking to clients, working out invoices.

The only difference is that you’ll be completing it all from your home. You might never even have to meet your boss face to face. In fact, the could be on the other side of the world.

Meeting them might not even a possibility and perhaps that’s how you want it. If it is, you’ll need excellent communication and typography skills. You will also need access to a super fast internet connection. It is vital you can send information as quickly as possible.

Freelancing In Any Field

Lastly, you can consider freelancing online. It doesn’t matter what job you complete as a freelancer. It could be anything and will be entirely decided by what skills you possess.laptop-943558_960_720

For instance, you might have a talent for languages. If that’s the case, you could become a professional translator. You’ll be sent articles that need to be written in a new language.

It’s an incredibly easy job for someone who is bilingual and certainly a career path that you could consider. Other jobs include copywriter, web designer or PR rep. If you have skill in these areas, a freelancing job could be a real possibility.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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